Flexible gear Couplings


The fundamental characteristic of “DRIVEFLEX FLEXIBLE FULL GEAR COUPLING is to provide smooth and efficient transmissions of mechanical power, thus offering a compact assembly capable for higher torques, higher speed and accommodates sufficient flexibility to overcome mis-alignment of various angularity within allowable rating and permit float.


DRIVEFLEX FLEXIBLE FULL GEAR COUPLING is forged from EN-9/C-55 steel and heat treated to 35-40 RC consist of two identical external teeth hubs ,two flanged sleeves with internal teeth are identical and interchangeable and are connected with each other by forged tempered alloy steel bolts and nuts in a jig drilled and jig reamed flange hole with provision of ‘O’ ring for sealing of oil/grease, eliminates the necessity of dismantling the hubs from shafts for changing the oil.


DRIVEFLEX FLEXIBLE GEAR COUPLING can be used effectively and economically for transmission of mechanical power in industries like- cement, brewing and distilling , food, rolling mills, oil and petroleum, chemical, fertilizers, paper, rubber, sugar, textile, thermal power and others etc.

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